Monday, December 22, 2008

Failure... Who's to blame...?

Once we are in the midst of anger, we just can't accept our failure, instead, we point out finger on someone else's face. We just don't know how to be humble, we don't even show our self-respect, much more with other people. What a shame for not looking at ourselves and don't realize that we also contribute for the failures of others.

They said that friends can turn into foe and never enemies into friends. For me, it's not worth putting my pride first and losing a friend. What more could there be left after losing them. Our life evolves and becomes lighter because of friends and and we have to count every family member as our friends too. Much more if we can't make friendship even within our family. Maybe afterall, you can tell to yourself that you are the one who failed.

Monday, November 24, 2008

How much is enough?

As we tried to move along with the time, the demand to improve our lifestyle would cost us a lot. The human nature being not contented of what we have, put us on the edge of insufficiency. Sometimes, to be 'in' with our friends, we tried to go along with their passion, we don't want to be left alone in our neighborhood, we don't want our kids left alone by their friends accessorized with the advancement of technologies and the new trend of fashion. How are we going to keep up with the phases of changes in our lives brought by technology, by fashion, and the depleting values of the generation? When are we going to say enough? and how could we be so irrational just to get what we want for ourselves and for our kids? We sometimes neglect the things we need to prioritize for our family.Imagine the dollars we spend for cellphones, ipods, computerized gadgets for all ages and all of the remote-operated appliances inside our house. We tried to buy expensive toys for our kids in exchange of our time that we are supposed to spend with them. Now we can't get in touch with them as they too don't have time with us because they are occupied over the internet and texting their friends. They can't hear us as their ears are plugged with ipod's speaker and headphones. We haven't realized that we just bargain all of our time, and our family to this technology that exploit the values that protect and bond the family. How can we afford this?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Hope for a Brighter Day

There are lots of people everyday if not all, that are hoping for a brighter day, brighter future - a brighter hope. Looking back the past even today seems to have no big difference. The challenges are still the same, the worries are disturbing, the burden is heavy and yet those who hope for the brighter day make it easier to handle with more determination and perseverance.

The past is always been a part of tomorrow as it is the reason why you move forward, it is the reason of your choices, but only today makes the difference. The difference that lies in our choices and the amount of effort we spend. Tomorrow will never happen, as it is like forever, a dream that will never come true, unless we act today and make it better than yesterday. From here, we can see the difference, we can see a brighter day- a brighter hope.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bitter-Sweet Memory

Seems to me, time has totally grab all the memories of the past. I have work all years since I was only 16. But all those years I have meet lots of people that made me to be strong and have helped me understand the way of life. I thought, after I settled with my husband and have kids, that things would be a lot easier, not realizing that life for me has just started and the real battle for what we called survival.

My husband work as a construction worker and the money he brings home is not enough for the family. My ambition started when we have 3 kids. I left them at their tender years to work abroad and hope to sustain the family. My husband become abusive, he gambled and drink most of the money I made which I have saved for years. I was very excited to go home to see our new house but to my dismay, it's not even half way decent. I thought of all the years I have worked to made my dream come true for the family that turned in vain. I have given him many chances, until I decided to leave him for the sake of the future of our kids.

Life is a lot better as I know I have only my kids to worry about. Tried to build the broken dreams and heal the broken heart I have come to appreciate the presence of my kids along with me and their achievements are a better pay off for me. I am proud for what I have been through and life will go on...